People in a Room
by Cameron Barrett

There were a whole bunch of us. In fact, there was a whole room full of us. We were all standing very rigid and straight, daring not to move an inch. The walls of the room were stark white and there seemed to be no door. There was no conversation, just silence.

We were renegades. People who did not fit the norm. Isolated from society, we were kept from the masses. There was very little we could do. We made do with what was given us. In our room, we created our own world, living life the best we could. Relationships were formed, friendships broken. Couples made love, babies were born. Life did exist in our room.

All the while I was in the room, I felt as if I did not belong, as if I was in a class all to my own. Even though I was among misfits, I did not belong. There seemed nothing I could do.

I started to strangle people slowly. I started with the weak ones and after a while, after learning new methods, began to kill the older and stronger. It did not take long before they were all dead. Every single one of them. I had killed them all. Finally, after all of my suffering, I was the norm. I fit in. I was happy for the first time in my life.

Right before I committed suicide, I noticed that while they were all wearing white, I was wearing red.