by Cameron Barrett

The snowman knew he was in trouble when he saw his wife come home with a new carrot. He glared at her through his coal-black eyes sensing that there was something going on other than a new facial accessory. He knew that she had a lover and that he was no ordinary snowman.

First there had been the new scarf. He figured she must have found it out by the playground where some kid had probably left it. After the scarf there was the goofy smile she had started to wear. She had never smiled like that before. The snowman was puzzled. What was most disturbing of all though, was the decline in lovemaking. No longer did she lure him into the shadows of the yard and have her way with him. No longer did she make him melt in her arms in a compassionate embrace. No longer was there frequent orgasms in their relationship. It was simple. She had gone cold.

The children had started to ask what was wrong with mommy. What was he supposed to say? He could not answer their questions. It hurt him to see their worried little faces, so pleasant and cool. He decided to confront his wife, lover or not.

Of course, she denied everything. She said that the carrot had been given to her by one of the schoolteachers and that indeed she had found the scarf out in the playground. As for her fatigue and drained energy, she simply pointed up to the sky and motioned at the later sunsets. It kind of made sense in some sort of sick and twisted way. Still, he did not believe her and they went to bed angry.

Sometime that night, they made it up to each other. He slowly started to caress her cool body, tracing her curves in admiration. She did the same. He mumbled something about the kids but she was too horny to notice. For a long time they went on like this, touching each other in newfound ways, exploring new areas of their bodies, feeding off each other in ecstatic emotion. He pulled her down and positioned himself above her. She accepted him easily and before long the rhythm increased. He remembered when he had first seen her. Out in the playground, surrounded by children. it was love at first sight. She remembered how he had acted the first time she saw him. He was nervous, yet strangely cool. With his elegant hat, she knew that he was the snowman for her. He knew that she was close to orgasm and with one final thrust, he slammed into her, knocking her head off her body. He watched it roll away and land next to the slide. What had he done? He had killed his wife. He heard the children start to cry.

In the morning, the sun came out and that was the last he ever saw of his wife or children again.